Greetings from Nepal with My Everest Trip

Welcome to the “My Everest Trip” website. Many of us have a desire to experience Himalayan adventure tours; mountain trekking, peak climbing, and other exciting activities. As trekking in Nepal is concerned it is no exception when it comes to the importance of making solid arrangements in advance. Our attitude of committed care, personal insight, and professional knowledge is of the essence to make your travel most enjoyable

Especially for people new to the Himalayas local information and possibility to connect with people to provide this information is of central importance. Obtaining such access allows for sound planning and experiencing of your Himalayan adventures to the full. For trekking and mountaineering to ensure both safety and optimal enjoyment of your stay are key. In this regard, we the staff of “My Everest Trip Group” possess the qualified skills and experience to provide you with all the necessary assistance. Our working approach and country wide ensures engaging in “real” local experiences and cultures. Your insight and appreciation of local areas, encompassing its natural environment and wildlife, will only benefit.

Join our fixed departures 2018/2019

Trip Name Start Date End Date Price
  Everest Base Camp Trek | Everest Trek   Wed 25 Apr, 2018   Tue 08 May, 2018   $ 1,249 USD   Book Now
  Everest Base Camp Trek | Everest Trek   Tue 01 May, 2018   Mon 14 May, 2018   $ 1,249 USD   Book Now
  Everest Base Camp Trek | Everest Trek   Thu 10 May, 2018   Wed 23 May, 2018   $ 1,249 USD   Book Now
  Everest Base Camp Trek | Everest Trek   Fri 18 May, 2018   Thu 31 May, 2018   $ 1,249 USD   Book Now
  Everest Base Camp Trek | Everest Trek   Sun 27 May, 2018   Sat 09 Jun, 2018   $ 1,249 USD   Book Now

Why book with us?

Offers Great Value for Your Money

We always have sole believe in providing you with the greatest possible value for the money you spend. You will be able to find out comparisons of our prices favorably even when you arrive in Nepal or in India. Our professionals guarantee you to deliver the best possible services for the price you pay and that too right from the time you approach us.

Facility for Both Group and Individual Treks

Whether you have a big trekking group, simply want to have customized trek or want to experience in trekking high peaks, you will expect to get every possible help from us. In addition, we arrange independent travel for an individual trekker or pair a single trekker with any one of the existing trekking groups.

Excellent Customer Services

We provide trekkers with direct contact numbers of our office located in capital city of Nepal i.e. Kathmandu. In addition, you may also email us in case of any problem in your itinerary. In fact, we get back to resolve emergencies or other problems of our trekkers in no time. We have a small but professional team, whose members always proud to provide you with best possible vacation in Himalayan region.