Company Leadership

Puru Thapaliya

My name is Puru (Purushottam Thapaliya). Since completing the Government Guide Training from Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (KEEP and HRA), I have been a specialist in mountain trekking and peak climbing. With specific expertise in the Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan regions, I have been a trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal, and across the Himalayas, since 2006.

I have been working as a trekking guide for 13 years, but my passion dates right back to my childhood. I was born and raised in the Langtang region, the mountainous Nuwakot, 35 km from Kathmandu. As a young boy, I would run up and down the mountains. Whether it was to get to school, help the family with farming, or play with my friends, I don’t remember when the mountains weren’t my home.

I began my work in Nepal’s tourism industry as a porter – learning my talent and passion for working with visitors to our country. Then, a few years later, I completed my guide training and started doing what I love best – returning to the mountains. Still fueling my passion for working with travellers, I worked on various trekking routes and tours across Nepal and other Trans-Himalayan destinations, such as Tibet, Bhutan, and India.

Then in 2006, I founded my own company, My Everest Trip. Using my skills with travellers and the mountains alike, I have created unique and eco-friendly trips to allow others to experience the magical powers that Everest, the Annapurna Langtang, and Manaslu Himalayas have always had over me. I am proud of the team I have crafted and the excellent reputation we have built together here in Kathmandu, and I can’t wait to meet the next adventurers who choose to join us!

With specific expertise in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan regions, I have been a trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, the Himalayas.