Everest Base Camp Trek Cost
Everest Base Camp Trek Cost from Kathmandu

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Now, since you are looking for Everest Base Camp Trek cost from Kathmandu, we assume that you already know where is Everest and how you can reach there. If you don’t, please read our Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary here.  

The most common question trekkers ask us is “How much Does Everest Base Camp Trek Cost”. MyEverestTrip Everest Base Camp Trek cost $1320. This package includes food, accommodation, a guide, a porter, and a domestic flight. However, depending on your Itinerary, group size, and luxury, independent travelers to Everest Base Camp spend about $800 to $1200.

We shall break down the expenditure you that you can customize your trip of yours. But you have to read this article to the end. Deal?

Everest Base Camp Trek Permit Cost 

Nepal Visa Cost

Obviously, all foreigners (except Indians) need a visa to Nepal upon arrival. This visa issued upon arrival at the International Airport of Nepal or other entry points costs $30 and $50 for 15 and 30 days respectively. Since Everest Base Camp Trek can be completed in 12 days, you can get a 15 days Visa. However, trekkers often stay in the capital for Kathmandu Valley Tour for a couple of days. Or, the Trek can be longer due to an emergency on the Everest Base Camp Tre route, so, it’s safe to get 30 days Visa. However, you can extend the visa date after 15 days from Immigration Department.

Now, Let’s see the Everest base camp trek permit cost.    

Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit

This permit can be issued from Kathmandu, Lukla, or an entry gate in Monjo. Don’t worry about this Everest permit in Kathmandu and just get yours once the trek starts. The Sagarmatha National park permit costs USD 30. This permit cost for people of SAARC Country is only Rs 1500, thus lowering the Everest base camp trek cost from India. 

Pasang Lambu Local Area Permit 

As the replacement for the TIMS card, the Local government launched this permit in 2018. This Everest Local Area permit can be issued in Lukla and Cost USD 20. You don’t need to issue a TIMS card from Kathmandu anymore.

You will need a passport, visa, and travel insurance photocopy to get these permits. MyEverestTrip Everest Base Camp Trek package includes the cost of the Permit and we provide you with these permits upon arrival.  

Cost for transportation

Flight Cost from Kathmandu to Lukla

The most common way to start Everest Base Camp Trek is by flying to Lukla from Kathmandu. The flight ticket (one way) costs as follows:

Regular Airlines Fare:

Regular Airlines Fare:
Lukla Flight Cost for IndiansNRS. 14700.00 Per Person
Lukla Flight Cost for Foreign Passport HolderUS$ 195.00 per person

For two-way flight Costs, just multiply it by two.

Getting from Thamel to the airport and back might cost a few more dollars off your Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek Price. 

You can save the transportation/ flight cost by taking an alternative route i.e. Everest Base Camp Trek from Jiri. This route starts at Salleri and the public bus from Kathmandu to Salleri cost $10 to $11. Although cheap, the public bus is not very comfortable and clean. So, you can get a Public Jeep that cost about $20 to $25. You can find these Jeep from Koteshowr, Kathmandu. 

However, it will take you 4 to 5 days to reach from Salleri to Lukla, thus even increasing your Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek Price. The choice is yours.  

Everest Helicopter Flight Cost 

Wanna fly directly to Everest Base Camp or Lukla in a Helicopter? A Shared Helicopter flight to Everest/ Lukla can cost about $950 and Chartering an entire Helicopter can up to $3600 (one can fly up to 5 people). This makes your Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek Price very high. 

Travel Insurance

Since travel insurance to Nepal has to be done in your home country, the charge may vary from person to person. It can cost somewhere between $50 to $250, depending on where you live.  

Trek equipment Costs in Nepal

A sleeping bag, trekking boots, trekking poles, a down jacket, and a trekking bag are compulsory during Everest Base Camp Trek. Now, if you are a regular trekker, a one-time investment in a good brand of trekking gear can be great. If not, you can rent trek gear in Thamel for $2 to $3 per day per product. You will need other trekking gear to Everest like ropes, and crampons only in winter when the weather is hard. 

Everest Base Camp Trek Guide Cost/ Porter Cost

Price for Everest Base Camp Trek

A guide to Everest helps you show the way and book the hotels while a porter carries your heavy bag. Since a porter cannot speak English and cannot help you arrange the trip, it’s suggested to hire both a guide and a porter. This Mount Everest Trek guide cost makes up a large part of your expenditure. 

Everest Base Camp Trek Guide Cost: $20 to 30 per day (Depending on their expertise)

Everest Base Camp Trek Guide Cost: $15 per day   

Note: While you book the Everest Base Camp Trek package from any travel agency, they must provide you with a guide and a porter. For Independent travelers, traveling in a group makes it cheaper to hire a guide and a porter. A guide can usually look for 6 people and a porter can carry a bag for two people, thus sharing your Average cost of Everest Base Camp Trek

Accommodation Cost in Everest Base Camp Trek 

On Kathmandu: Kathmandu has unlimited options from cheap dorm beds to luxurious hotels that range from $5 to $100. However, an average 3-start hotel with a private bath and clean room cost about $15 in Thamel.

On Everest: Interestingly, the cost of accommodation on Everest is very low, just a small part of the Average cost of Everest Base Camp Trek. The cost of a Hotel on Everest ranges from $4 to $5 up to Namche. In Namche, there is an option for luxurious hotel rooms that can cost up to $10. Rooms above Namche can cost $7 to $8. You can keep the average cost per day at $7.  

Food cost Everest base camp trek

Everest Base Camp Trek cost
Everest Base Camp Trek cost

In Kathmandu: How long you wanna stay in Kathmandu is totally your choice. The food here is quite cheap i.e. $2 to $5 per meal. You can manage almost $10 per day for food in Kathmandu.

In Everest: Once you start the trek, the food cost Everest base camp trek gets higher. If you go for Gokyo Ri Trek, it’s even higher. And since a porter or a mule has to carry all these food items in such a difficult landscape, the cost is also justified. Food cost Everest base camp trek is: 

Up to NamcheAbove Namche
Breakfast average cost: $5 to $7

Lunch and Dinner Average cost: $6 to $8

Tea: $1 to $2 / cup

Hot Water: $1 to $2 / bottle

Breakfast average cost: $7 to $9

Lunch and Dinner Average cost: $8 to $10

Tea: $2 to $3 / cup

Hot Water: $1 to $3 / bottle

Total per day: $20 to $30Total Per Day: $30 to $40

Other elements of the Total Cost of the Everest Trek

Hot shower

Now, if you are wondering why Everest Base Camp hotels are so cheap, that’s because they charge you additional dollars for literally everything. For example, one hot shower can cost up to $5. You can pay only when you use the hot water service. This is how your average cost of Everest Base Camp Trek increases.

Electricity charge

It might be very shocking to hear that you need to pay for charging your phone. The rooms usually don’t have plugs (above Namche) and you might have to charge your phone in reception. It can cost $2 to $3 to charge one device. However, the newly build tea hotels might have plugs in the room and you can charge your phone for free in some areas. However, you might have to bargain a bit. 

Read the detailed Everest Base Camp Trek Guide

Cost For Wi-Fi in Everest Base Camp Trek 

Obviously, you need to pay for connecting to the Wi-Fi in the hotels and it can charge $4 to $5. If you buy Everest Link Card to use the internet on Everest Base Camp Trek, that can cost about $20 and $30 for 10GB and 20GB respectively. Trekkers can also get an NCell Sim card and buy data for a cheaper cost.

Donations: A few dollars for donations to temples and monasteries you visit along the way.

Tips: It’s your choice if you want to tip the worker in the hotel and restaurant you stay in. However, the tipping culture is not so popular in Nepal. But there’s a trend to give some tips to your guide and porter at the end. It can add up to $100 to $200 in Total Everest Base Camp Trek costs.

Total Cost for Everest Base Camp Trek 

It takes about 12 days from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp and back. MyEverestTrip 14-day EBC trek right from the airport costs $1320. Now, let’s calculate if that’s worth it.

2.Transportation (2 ways)$360
3.Trekking Gear (Sleeping bag+ Trek Bag)$3*12$36
4.Guide and Porter$40*12$480
7.Wi-Fi+ shower+ electricity$10*12$120
8.Tips and donations$100

Everest Base Camp Trek Solo Costs

Cost of Everest Trek
Cost of Everest Trek

As you can see, Everest Base Camp Trek Solo Costs are about $1540. Now add the cost of staying in Kathmandu before and after the trek. Only if you manage to travel in a larger group (or at least 2 people) you can share the cost of a Guide, Porter, and Room, thus lowering your Everest Base Camp Trek package.

Basically, the offers that travel agencies in Nepal are providing are very reasonable. We are able to operate at a lower cost as we have our own guide and porter staff and a chain of hotels that can provide the cheap Everest Base Camp Trek. 

Tips to save Everest Base Camp Trek Cost from Kathmandu

  1. Trek in a larger group as far as possible (if you are at least two, you get to share a room, porter, and guide cost)
  2. Hire porters only from Lukla
  3. Carry your own food like instant coffee, biscuits, juice, chocolates, and energy drinks to save money for snacks
  4. Carry your own water bottle with sterilizing tablets or carry sterilize bottles
  5. If possible, you can also buy a solar charger or carry a power bank, and an additional battery
  6. Buy a local SIM card for the internet in Everest and don’t depend on getting Wi-Fi
  7. Trek in a higher group as far as possible (if you are at least two, you get to share a room, porter, and guide cost)
  8. Lowering your trek days can obviously lower your cost. For that, you can skip a rest day in Dingboche. But that increases the chances of altitude sickness, so don’t try that
  9. Avoid peak months i.e. October and April when the Everest Trek route is very busy. Prices for Everest Base Camp Trek are highest in the peak season.
  10. Don’t pre-book with third-party websites and International Travel agencies that do not know the actual EBC Trek in Nepal. Always try to make bookings with a licensed local travel agency in Nepal before or after your arrival here


Why does the Everest Base Camp Trek cost high?

It’s Nepal’s oldest, most popular trekking route to the world’s highest mountain i.e. Mount Everest. So, naturally, the price of Everest Base Camp is higher than other trek routes like Annapurna Base Camp trek and Langtang Valley Trek. Further, the addition of domestic flight and the difficult landscape of Everest make it even cost higher.

 What about getting a Cheap Everest Base Camp Trek package? 

While you are doing your research about the Everest Base Camp trek, you likely come across a low Everest Base Camp Trek Package. And by cheap, we mean an agency that claims to take you to Everest Base Camp for $500 to $600. Now, is that possible?

As said earlier, just a flight to Lukla Cost $360, and food cost at least $400. Forget about the guide and porter, they won’t even provide you with good food. Basically, such packages don’t include the cost of a flight, guide, porter, and many other things. When you have to pay for all these things by yourself, the cost comes out to be higher than you expected. So, don’t fall for the scam here. Don’t expect the Everest Base Camp trek cost to be cheaper than $1000. 

Is Everest Base Camp Trek worth it? 

Without a single doubt, we can claim that “YES” it’s worth it. Everest is literally the highest point in the world. This remote land of the Himalayas has a natural beauty and landscape that is beyond your imagination. 

The lush green forest and the whistling river along them are awesome. But the colorful landscape of the alpine and the unbelievable views of the mountains are more than a dream. The hidden Himalayan Thar and Yak playing within the Sagarmatha National Park. And imagine the white-washed monasteries being found hidden within the unique Sherpa people.

Well, words do fall short when we attempt to describe how beautiful this Everest region Trek is. Find it out by yourself and this will be the best decision you will ever make. There’s not gonna be a single moment of regret while you endeavor this magical journey to the Himalayas. Every penny of the Everest Base Camp Trek is worth it.  

Final words,

Hope everything about the Everest Base Camp Trek cost is clear now. If there’s still more to know, you can always contact us or drop an email below.

We can’t wait to see you.