Mata Tirtha Aunsi

Mata Tirtha Aunsi – The Day to Adore Your Mother

All the Hindu people around the nation are celebrating Mata Tirtha Aunsi also known as Aama Ko Mukh Herne Din or equivalent to Mother’s day. This is the most popular and significant festival to adore your mother for their love and sacrifice. The festival falls in the first month of the year, Baisakh (April/May) on a new moon night.

The festival is a good way of showing your love, affection, and huge respect to your mother who spends all the years growing you from a child to a good son/daughter. There is a holy place called Mata Tirtha in Thankot, west of Kathmandu city where a big festival will be for praying to the mother who has lost.

Today Nepalese people observe this festival by showing respect and reverence to their mothers by offering gifts, sweets, and delicious foods. Sons and daughters take a holy bath early in the morning and with the presents, they go to their mother, offer gifts, and take blessings from her.

Hindu people perform Shraddha for their departed mothers in religious places at Matatirtha or nearby holy rivers. In Nepal, we have so many festivals.

Mothers apart, mother-in-law, female mentors, and aunties also presented gifts on this occasion