My Everest Trip - World-Class Adventure
My Everest Trip-World-Class Adventure!

My Everest Trip-World-Class Adventure!

Do you believe in fairytales? Do you believe in elves, fairies, and gnomes? Maybe not, but what about the fairytales and adventure moments we create for ourselves?

The moment My Everest Trip wakes up in Kathmandu and the sounds of the busy life of the city people. The moment a breeze from the mountains catches your hair and touches your skin like a gentle mother’s hand. The moment children stop playing and look at you with curious eyes and smiling faces. The moment a dog comes to greet you wagging his tail. The moment your guide remembers your name but pronounces it funny. The moment a kind soul brings you a cup of steaming hot tea on a chilly morning. The moment your heart almost burst with happiness just because you feel blessed to be in that very moment. The moment you reach the goal you set and have struggled to achieve. These are the moments we bring to you  This is the fairytale we create for you

Nepal is a trekker’s paradise. The country at the foot of the Himalayan mountain range has attracted adventurers from all over the world for decades. In Nepal, you will find some of the most breathtaking nature experiences and cultures with deep roots in traditions. What many may not know is that even though one is not into the great physical hardships in the mountains, Nepal has an incredible amount to offer. Older people and families with children can go on road trips and visit cultural sites, go on jungle safaris or take part in light day hikes. For the more adrenaline hungry there is ample opportunity for River Rafting, Bungee Jump, and Paragliding as well as a variety of other activities.

Our trek can be divided into 3 categories:

1. The big trek of at least 2 weeks duration where good physical shape and stamina is a must. Here you move through difficult terrain and often over 5000 meters of adventure. Examples: Everest Cho La Pass Trek, Everest Three Pass Trek, and Manaslu Larkya Pass Trek. 

2. The medium-sized trek of 9 – 14 days is available if you are in generally good shape. Here, too, there will be more than 5000 meters of adventure. Examples: Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Langtang Valley Trek

3. The small light trek of 5-9 days duration where daily distances are shorter and you move in lower terrain.  Examples: Everest Short Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill, and Mardi Himal Trek. 

Common to all treks is that you are accompanied by a trained and certified guide. Transportation to and from the trek’s starting point as well as accommodation and three daily meals are included in the price. If you do not want to carry your luggage yourself, there are associated porters to carry.

My Everest Trip is based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer a wide range of treks and tours throughout Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. The bureau was founded by owner and general manager Puru Thapaliya back in 2006. Puru is a trained and certified guide and worked for many years as such before founding his own trekking agency.

My Everest Trip today has a large network of highly qualified and professional partners in all regions of Nepal as well as Bhutan and Tibet. This ensures high quality, good personal service, and an authentic experience close to the locals and in harmony with nature and culture.

At My Everest Trip, we have made a conscious choice; We have no wish to be the biggest, we just want to be the best. Nothing makes us happier than when our guests return and seek new adventures with us.

We are looking forward to meeting you.