Langtang Region

Langtang region is the third popular trekking destination in Nepal after Annapurna region and Everest region. Protected as Langtang National Park, Langtang region is in the north of Kathmandu and bordering Tibet. It contains a wide variety of climatic zones, from subtropical to alpine. One-fourth of the park is forested. Approximately 4,500 people live inside the park, majority of whom are Tamang. Also included in the Langtang National Park, Helambu is a region of highland villages. Home to the Hyolmo people, Helambu region is famous for its sweet apples and artistic Buddhist monasteries. Both located within a day’s drive from the capital, the regions are offering excellent trekking choice from 7 days to 16 days. The trekking passes bamboo groves, monsoon wildflowers or rhododendron blooms as well as the sacred alpine lakes of Gosainkund and the extensive Sherpa farmland.

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Dolpo Trek 

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Mustang Trek

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