Why Everyone Love Trek And Tour With My Everest Trip
Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Why Everyone Love Trek And Tour With My Everest Trip

I booked most of my activities with My Everest Trip and I was very impressed with the service and how he managed to tailor the whole experience for me. We started with rafting which was super fun and he personally dropped me on the bus to go there. It was very fun and the company he booked was an experience and provided lunch, drinks, and the guide that I had for the rafting was extremely adventurous which is exactly what I wanted.

After rafting I was sent to Chitwan National Park where I had an amazing experience starting with the hotel which was close to the main activities, the hotel staff which I cannot thank enough were so nice to me and they were cooking for me anything that I wanted because of my special diet requirements.

My Everest Trip sure I was comfortable at all times. The manager drove me to the activities and he would wait until I went with the guide who also worked at the hotel and he was so nice. The manager made sure I was comfortable canoeing and he gave me all the information and choices of activities prior to that. I chose to go on a small jungle walk with the guide after and he was fun and explained everything I needed to do in case I saw any animals.

After that we went on a jeep safari which was super cool, I got to see so many wild animals including the famous Wild elephant whose name is Ronaldo! That was fun and scary at the same time! The last thing in Chitwan was the national show which was a cultural one with specific dancing from around the area (interesting and there was peacock dancing which was the cherry on the cake). The next day the manager drove me to the bus and I went to Pokhara! On my arrival, I met with Puru and we started talking about our upcoming trek he made sure I had everything I needed. He even came shopping with me for the missing items and bargained for me! That was awesome! The hotel I stayed at the first night and after the trek was called Mount View hotel which was superb! Again, the manager and the staff just made me feel so welcome! The rooms were amazing and the Buffett was delicious.

Trekking in Nepal;

Starting our trek I met with a friend of mine and she ended up joining Puru and me on the trek and sort of left her guide behind. Puru was so professional and he explained everything we were seeing and the history behind it. He made sure we stopped for enough breaks and food (just so we have the energy for the trek). He picked some great tea houses (knowing that I was a little picky on the places to stay) and I was very happy with that. During the trek, he was very fun and we talked about so many things which made the trek even better. I feel like he’s a friend now that I can count on when I’m in Nepal. Always willing to help with any problems and make it very easy. Nothing is complicated with him. When we reached the top after climbing too many stairs on our way to Poon Hill, the view was spectacular! No rain no clouds! It was breathtaking. He took so many pictures of us (great pics btw) and he always made sure we were super happy. He even filmed a video of us dancing! Haha! By the time we reached the top, we didn’t look at him anymore as only a guide but as part of our team, as a friend.

Coming back to Pokhara, My Everest Trip organized Paragliding for us. It was a little more expensive than the other companies but heyy safety first! When we got picked up from the hotel, the guys from Team 5 paragliding were the best!! So much fun driving to the starting point with great reggae music. The vibes were good! Before we started we got explained all the safety procedures and it was a beautiful experience. We also did some sightseeing after in Pokhara and we went to watch the World Cup together and we had a lot of laughs.

Coming back to Kathmandu, he provided me with an amazing bus! I mean super cool- I felt like I was sitting on my sofa the entire journey! Overall I had An amazing time with Puru and I highly recommend him. He offers great service and I’m very pleased with my trip! I will definitely use his company again!