Travel Guide in Nepal

Best Trekking Season 

The choice of the season for your trekking journey plays a vital role in determining how memorable and awesome your trekking might be. Some people ruin their journey due to the bad choice of the season while some get a chance to endeavor the beauty of the Himalayas, lush hills, valleys, rivers, and other landscapes to their fullest.

Generally, the autumn season (September- November) and spring season (March-May) are considered the best trekking season in Nepal. However, the best season for your visit might differ as per your purpose for travel to Nepal

Which is the best trekking season for you?

Autumn season (September – November)

If you want to endeavor the beauty of Nepal to its fullest, then this season is the best one for you. This is the most preferred season when the weather is stable, dry, and clear. At this time of year, the sky is clear and you will be blessed with the best views of the mountains ever. Also, the trail is neither too wet nor too slippery. With the lush valleys, hills, forests, rivers, and waterfalls, you can see the blend of natural beauty in its most beautiful attire.

Winter season (December – February)

December to February is the coldest time of the year in Nepal. If you think cold weather is not a big deal, then this season is also a good season for trekking. However, trekking to high altitudes is not recommended as everything is covered with snow and the temperature is very low. But as the weather is dry, this season can be awesome for those who would love to opt for trekking to the lower altitude regions of Nepal.

Spring season (March-May)

Imagine yourself walking through a dense rhododendron forest with the colorful rhododendron flowers decorating the trees! Yes, it can be true if you opt to travel to Nepal from March to May. At this time of year, the temperature rises but the possibility of precipitation remains. The flower blossoms and the environment is lush, beautiful, and colorful which makes the atmosphere vibrant.

Summer season (June – August)

Generally, summer is not so preferred time of the year for trekking. Monsoon starts which makes the skies cloudy, roads muddy, and slippery. Leeches in the trails and the unclear mountain views due to the clouds in the sky, everything about this season is not so charming. 

However, My Everest Trip is with you no matter whatever the season. The weather may be sunny or rainy, cold or moist, we take you to your preferred places at any time of the year.