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We have a special Bhutan tour package from Kathmandu, Nepal that offers memorable Bhutan tours. The intriguing place with high mountains and stunning valleys offers 3 Nights and four days of Bhutan Tour blanketed pinnacles. Running springs loaded with affection and dedication for Lord Buddha, Bhutan, which lies among India and Tibet in the eastern Himalayas. The nation is less populated and less contaminated. Bhutan has stayed puzzling about the external world. In any case, present since the government has opened up to the world, there has been an expanding inflow of visitors from around the world. Be that as it may, the limitation on the number remains. You will encounter a quiet mood and amazing landscapes when you enter this beautiful sport.

3 Night 4, days Bhutan Tour is the briefest visit ensured to fill you with an astounding encounter. You land at Paro, where you can see the mansion post at Rinpung, the national historical centre, and the seventh-century sanctuary at Kurje. You can climb to Taktshang religious community (Tiger’s Lair), which is revered by the whole Himalayan Buddhist world. Afterwards, you visit Thimphu—the capital of Bhutan- – where you can see a stunning mansion fortification at Tashi Chho Dzong religious community, which holds the rich history of Buddhism in Bhutan. You can then encounter places like Memorial Stupa, customary paper processing plants, people’s legacy exhibition halls, artistry shops, and the world’s most significant sculpture of Lord Buddha. You can investigate the spots and get shocked by the Bhutanese culture, individuals, language, conventions, accounts, and ancient rarities. You will explore Bhutan’s delightful area and be in a particular spot. You can visit Bhutan whenever of the year, be it May, February to April, and October to December, which is considered the perfect time as the climate stays dry and wonderful throughout the visit.

With our administrations and offices, you will encounter the best time in Bhutan. With our educated group and faultless accommodation, we will cause you to feel at home at whatever point you travel. Prepare to investigate the excellent spot and end up on the journey. My Everest Trip offers a 3 Night 4, days Bhutan Tour, Package, Cost, visa, and customized itinerary on your requested date.

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Your Itinerary

Day 01:  Arrival in Paro      
You will be picked up from Paro airport and transferred to Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital. You will see a temple owned by Drubthob Thangtong Gyalpo inheritances. He built numerous iron bridges in Bhutan. You can also visit King’s Memorial Chorten, the National Zoo and Library, the Folk Heritage Museum, and the arts and crafts of Bhutan. Later, you can rest at your hotel in Thimphu.

Day 02: Paro Sightseeing{Paro Dzong (fortress), National Museum(Ta-Dzong), Dumtshe Lhakhang, Kichu Lhakhang} OR Hiking to Taktsang Monastery (Tigers’ nest) –Thimphu (60km/2hrs)
After an hour’s drive, you will visit Ta Dzong, a circular fortress that protected the valley, now a National Museum with Bhutanese significance. This place is called Dumtshe Lhakhang, a temple built in 1433. Also, Mount Jumolhari (7314m), the sacred mountain, can be seen clearly. While coming back from Drugyel Dzong, you can visit Tigers’ Nest base camp and Kitchu Monastery. Later, you can walk through Paro’s shopping district and buy goods and textiles. O/N in the hotel.

Day 03: Thimphu Sightseeing / Paro overnight (60km/2hrs)
In Thimphu, you will visit the National Library to see Buddhist manuscripts and traditional medicine institutes where healing arts such as acupuncture and homoeopathy are practised. Also, see Thangkha painting, fine metal craft, weaving, paper making, etc. You will visit the Textile and Folk Heritage Museum, which showcases Bhutanese material culture and traditions. Later, visit Tashichho Dzong and then to Handicrafts Emporium and local shops to buy textiles, thangka paintings, jewellery, and so on. O/N at Paro.

Day 04: Departure 
On this day, after breakfast, you will be leaving for your home country. Our team members will drop you at the airport before the flight time.

Additional Info

Accommodation in Bhutan Tour

As per the Bhutanese tourism rule, the trekkers shall be accommodated in a 3-star hotel. After you book the standard Bhutan tour package the government sets, all trekkers will be housed in similar traditional luxury hotels. These three-star hotel rooms have a private bathroom and hot shower. The rooms have all the necessary amenities, and you will have pretty luxurious accommodations in Bhutan.

Nepal to Bhutan Travel and Transportation

These three-star hotel rooms have a private bathroom and hot shower. The rooms have all the necessary amenities, and you will have pretty luxurious accommodation. From Kathmandu to Paro, you will be flying in an economic class. For Nepal to Bhutan Travel, the plane tickets will be booked by a travel agency in Nepal itself, and you shall enjoy a quick 1-hour mountain flight to Paro airport. As soon as you land in Bhutan, you will get your private car with a driver. All transportation in Bhutan will be done in the exact vehicle.

You will have a comfortable means of transportation. Further, you will be accompanied by a licensed guide throughout the trek. On the 4th day, you will also be returning from Paro to Kathmandu on an international flight from MyEverestTrip during Nepal to Bhutan Travel.

Also, Read the Nepal Tibet tour.

Nepal Vs Bhutan Tourism

Nepal and Bhutan are Southeast Asia’s most naturally and culturally blessed countries. Both these small landlocked countries are known to impart absolute peace, harmony, and hospitality to the world. Both Nepal and Bhutan have many excellent destinations for Travellers. However, the nature of tourism is quite different. Let’s analyze Nepal vs Bhutan tourism here.

Tourism in Nepal

The core of tourism in Nepal is the trekking destinations that take you close to the mountain. The Himalayas of Nepal has made the perfect trekking trail that adventure seekers and brave souls around the world use. It’s famous for rather long holidays that demand weeks of a walk. Nepal is renowned as a backpacker’s destination, where you can trek around the mountain or travel around the city without government restrictions. You can fly to Kathmandu and start travelling wherever you want (this is the most significant difference between Nepal Vs Bhutan tourism).

Like Bhutan, you will need a travel visa before entering Nepal. Along with the key, you will also need trek permits specific to the Trek areas/ region you travel to. The local government will issue these permits once you start the trek. Only a few taking routes have been recorded as restricted regions of Nepal, and you need a special license and compulsory travel with the travel agency. Otherwise, there are interfaces of government for travelling in Nepal.

Also, depenTravelling in Nepal dependsTravelling, in Nepal dependsTravelling in Nepal depends on dependences and the travel agencies where you book the tour. The average Trekkers spend about $40 per day in Nepal.

Tourism in Bhutan

The core of tourism in Bhutan is its rich Buddhist culture and perfectly built architecture. Century-old architectural Masterpieces and a few Natural wonders have made the perfect sightseeing destinations of Bhutan. Unlike Nepal, Bhutan is somewhat known for a peaceful and luxurious holiday that will leave you completely relaxed. Bhutan is partly partially owned for popular short trips around the city (like Central Western Bhutan Tour) completed in 3 to 7 days.

The government has placed significant restrictions on tourism in Bhutan. You must book your travel package to Bhutan before applying for the visa. Once your visa is approved, you travel along with the travel agency. The government had strictly set per-day costs and defined the kind of accommodation, food, and transportation the travellers receive during the Bhutan Tour. This means everything is planned and organized even before you get there. Such restrictions on travelling have made Bhutan one of the most expensive countries in Asia to visit.

Best time to visit Nepal and Bhutan

Four days of the journey in this Hidden Shangri-la” will be hell adventurous. You can visit Kathmandu and Bhutan throughout the year and book the trek whenever you are free. Experts say Spring and Autumn are the peak season for a visit due to festivals and stable weather. Winter and Monsoon trek has its perks and quitter cities. Travelling in a larger group or during the off-season can be somewhat cheaper.

Why US

MyEverestTrip is a Nepalese Travel and Trekking Agency based in Kathmandu. We have been operating in different trekking regions for more than a decade, traveling with hundreds of trekkers and travelers all around the world.

With the pure intention to bring trekkers to Nepal’s safety and comfort, we have an entire team of travel planer, guides, and porters. We also have connections to hotels and restaurant lines all over Nepal for ensuring that our trekkers get the best possible facilities.   

So, here is the reason why you should travel with MyEverestTrip.  

Customize your itinerary:

We have designed a well-planned Itinerary for all travel destinations around Nepal. However, this Itinerary is customizable as per the need and requests of our trekkers. Just let us know when and how long you are staying so that we can arrange the rest. 

Our Expert guide: 

Although all travel agency claims to have a good guide, many of them are not informed about the place you are traveling to. However, MyEverestTrip has its own licensed guide in Nepal. They have been working in this field for over three decades, collecting all the information about the place/ culture, and learning to keep the travelers safe. Also, our guide is good at the English language. Upon special request, we can even hire a guide who can speak Chinese and other European languages for trekking in Nepal.

Fair and reasonable Cost:

MyEverestTrip has been known for its very economic trek packages in Nepal. You can compare the price we offer with any other travel agency in Nepal and only book with us if you are satisfied with our cost. We try to include all needed expenses during the tour so that you will not be overwhelmed with hidden expenses after the packages are booked. 

Your safety is our priority:

Obviously, the safety of our trekkers and our team is the utmost priority of MyEverestTrip. Our guide and porters who shall accompany you for the trip will have insurance of their own. We also encourage Travel insurance for our trekkers. Our treks and trip have been so designed that you only walk an appropriate distance. In any case of emergency, you will always have our back.

Responsible and Eco-Friendly 

MyEverestTrip operates with the belief in responsible tourism. This includes 

  • We are transparent about the services covered on the trip. There shall be no hidden cost (informed in advance if there’s any)
  • We cover all the places that have been promised before the trek (the trend of skipping places once you book the package has to be discouraged). 
  • All our guides and porter are above 18yrs. We highly discourage child labor in the tourism industry
  • We do not leave any wastage behind on the trekking routes. We either dispose of the waste appropriately or carry them back with us and send it to the municipality
  • We do not engage in any activities that affect the people in the trek places of Nepal we stay.  


How much does Bhutan travel cost?  

Bhutan can be claimed as the most expensive country in South Asia. That’s due to the government policy of Bhutan, “High cost, low impact”, which means the money you pay goes for travelling alone and the country’s health education and Environment protection. The cost has been set by the government and ranges from US Dollars 370 to US dollars 370 as per the season. During spring, i.e. Mars to May, and Autumn, i.e. September to November (the best season for travelling to Bhutan), the cost is $250 per person per day. Winter, i.e. December to February, and Moonson (June to August) is considered a low tourism season and cost $370 per person per day.    


The cost mentioned here is supposed to cover the cost of a Visa, guide, transportation, accommodation, entrance fee, food/ drinks, and any trekking gear if needed.


And that’s not the end. If you are a solo Traveller, you might have to pay up to $ 40 extra as the travelling cost. If you are only two people looking for a private car, you need to pay $30 daily. And if you seek luxurious accommodation, i.e. five stars Instead of 3 stars, the Bhutan Travel cost goes even higher. 


This Bhutan tour Cost rule applies to the people of all countries except India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. For people of these countries, the regular cost is Rs 1200 per day per person, and they also should travel through a travel agency. 


How much is Bhutan Visa Cost?

The cost of a visa for Bhutan is US dollar 40 per person. This is the nonrefundable fee you must pay before getting to Bhutan. The visa must be shown at the entry point, which is often the Paro airport. You must book your Bhutan tour with a registered travel agency or foreign travel agent before applying for the Visa. You can provide your valid passport to those tour operators who will get the Visa for you within 72 hours.  


The visa cost is not applicable for Indian, Bangladesh and Maldives people. Further, the Visa will only be proceeded by the Tourism Council of Bhutan once the payment has been made while you apply for the Visa online. 


Where is Bhutan located?

 Bhutan is a small landlocked country with an area of 38,394m^2. This South Central Asian country is located right on the eastern ridge of the Himalayas. It is one of the landlocked Kingdoms that China and India border. Bhutan is only about 50 km from Nepal and a few kilometres from Bangladesh. This land of thunder Dragon is the subalpine Himalayas. The altitude of Bhutan starts from about 100 m above sea level and goes up to 7000 m. Paro International Airport is the only entry point for international tourists; flights to Bhutan are available from different parts of the world. Regular flights are available from Kathmandu and Delhi. 


Nepal to Bhutan flight Time?

 Nepal to Bhutan flight time is often scheduled in the morning. Since the weather in the morning is usually calm, it’s the best time for the flight with the mountain views. This 1.5-hour flight costs about 400$ to 500$ and takes off from Kathmandu airport. Multiple flights are available between 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. from Nepal to Bhutan. 


Make sure that you book your flight in advance.  

What's included

  • Accommodation: In Twine/Double sharing basis at Top 3 star plus Hotels /Resorts
  • Visa fee
  • Flight Ticket From Ktm Round trip Ktm
  • Transportation: Following is our transportation:
    • 2 Pax: Hyundai Santa fee/Tucson or
    • Similar (4 + 1 Seater) o 4 – 10 Pax: Luxury Toyota Hiace Bus (10 + 1 Seater).
  • 11 & above Pax: Luxury Toyota Coaster
  • Bus (18 + 1 Seater)
  • All Tourist Permit: Yes
  • All Bhutan Taxes
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) with Evening Refreshments
  • Fluent English Speaking Bhutanese guide licensed by Royal Bhutan Govt.
  • All entrance fees to museums & cultural sites
  • Extra Services: Mineral drinking water

What's not included

  • Tips for the guides, drivers, or hotels
  • Travel insurance is not covered
  • Luxury hotels (4 Star & 5 Star)and the separate vehicles will be charged extra Personal related expenses like calls, Internet, Beverages, Alcohol, laundry, donations to Monasteries and Temples, Souvenirs, shopping, etc.

Choose a Private Trip

If you already know who you would like to take your adventure with and would prefer to enjoy your ‘My Everest Trip’ experience with your own group of friends, then we’ve got good news! All of our trips are also available as private adventures! Our private adventure specialists are on hand to give you a quote or talk you through some of the different options that we offer.
So feel free to give us a call on +977 9851069558 or Email us at [email protected]


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These reviews are from the travellers who have travelled with us previously.

Kam Chu Singapore

Beautiful Bhutan Tour

Making a two-week road trip to Nepal, I want to highlight the Bhutan tour. Bhutan is a cultural treasure, and My Everest Trip arranged everything beautifully. Everything from the daily sightseeing program to the accommodation and meals, all to my complete satisfaction. I am so happy I included the Bhutan tour in my journey, as this was an exceptional and pleasant experience.
I also went to Pokhara, Lumbini and Chitwan, all nicely arranged by My Everest Trip.

You can rely on the service offered by the team of My Everest Trip, and they customized this trip the best way I could wish for. I would gladly book another trip with this company in the future.

Bianna Denmark

Bhutan Tour – Very nice

My Everest Trip operates the Bhutan Tour. We have only good things to say about the service, the prearranged sightseeing, the hotel, and the food and guide. 

From start to end, we met only friendly and professional staff in Nepal and Bhutan, and the trip was even better than we expected.

I thank all the staff and would not hesitate to book another tour with My Everest Trip in the future.  

Cassandra Canada

3 Night 4 days Bhutan Tour

I feel so privileged to have visited this beautiful country Bhutan, and My Everest Trip made it possible and easy for me to go there. This 3-night 4 days package is filled with culture and history and a great experience. Since you cannot just go to Bhutan on your own, you need a reliable agency to arrange the trip for you and My Everest Trip did a very good job.

I appreciate this package includes almost everything, this way I didn’t have to worry about cost, only for personal shopping and tips, which makes it much easier. I can absolutely recommend you contact Puru at My Everest Trip and let him take care of this tour. I will cherish these amazing days in Bhutan in my heart always.       

Package Summary

Package Includes:

Highlights of the Bhutan Tour

  • Incredible Flight to Paro over the magnificent mountains.
  • Climb to the most well-known Tiger’s home, known as ‘Taktsang Monastery’ – 2.5 hrs climb up to 3180m.
  • Visit Tashichho/Thimphu and Rinpung/Paro Dzongs
  • Design sanctuaries and landmarks
  • Incredible Buddha Dordenma-Massive Buddha Statue is looking to Thimphu City.
Package Price USD $1950

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