Upper Mustang Trek

Nepal 17 Days $ 2050

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Highlights of Upper Mustang Trek

1. Restricted and Preserved Region: Upper Mustang is a restricted area, and special permits are required to enter. This has helped preserve the unique culture, traditions, and landscapes of the region, making it a truly distinct trekking experience.

2. Ancient Tibetan Culture: Upper Mustang is often referred to as a “living museum” due to its well-preserved Tibetan Buddhist culture. The region was once part of the ancient Kingdom of Lo and has retained its traditional practices, monasteries, and centuries-old cave dwellings. You’ll have the opportunity to visit ancient monasteries, explore the labyrinthine caves, and witness the vibrant Tibetan-influenced festivals.

3. Lo Manthang: The walled city of Lo Manthang is the highlight of the trek. It is the capital of the former Kingdom of Lo and offers a glimpse into the rich history and unique architecture of the region. You can explore the narrow alleys, visit the royal palace, and interact with the friendly locals.

4. Barren Landscapes and Rock Formations: The trek takes you through the surreal landscapes of the Mustang region. You’ll encounter vast stretches of arid and desert-like terrain, colorful rock formations, and towering cliffs. The unique geological formations and the contrast between the barren landscapes and the snow-capped peaks create a captivating visual spectacle.

5. Kaligandaki Gorge: The trek follows the ancient salt trade route along the Kaligandaki River, which is one of the deepest gorges in the world. Walking along the gorge offers stunning views of the dramatic cliffs and the river below.

6. Spectacular Mountain Views: The trek offers breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks, including Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Nilgiri. The backdrop of snow-capped mountains against the barren landscapes creates a striking contrast.

7. Off-the-Beaten-Path Experience: The Upper Mustang Trek is relatively less crowded compared to other popular treks in Nepal. The trail takes you through remote and secluded villages, providing a sense of seclusion and tranquility. It is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness and experience the pristine beauty of the Himalayas.

8. Unique Accommodation: Along the trekking route, you’ll stay in traditional guesthouses called teahouses, which offer a glimpse into the local lifestyle. The guesthouses provide basic facilities and warm hospitality, allowing you to rest and rejuvenate after a day of trekking.


The Upper Mustang Trek is a remarkable journey that takes you into the remote and ancient kingdom of Mustang, located in the Trans-Himalayan region of Nepal.

Upper Mustang Trek wishes to experience trekking in Nepal. It is a famous and unique journey that has you venturing into the heart of the hidden and mysterious World of the old Buddhist Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang.      

This part of the Tibetan empire is tied to Tibet in terms of culture, language, and topography. Lying in the shadow of Dhaulagiri massif, the land is surrounded by mysterious rocks, whitewashed houses, barley fields, and prayer flags – a stark contrast to the curiously dry and barren land the trail takes you through on this surreal journey.

Upper Mustang Trek Route

This 17-day trek starts with a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom, where our tour will begin. The trail follows the Kali Gandaki River to Kagbeni. Famous for the rituals performed here for the dead, we take time to join one of the sacred pilgrimages of Tibetan Buddhism and observe some of the ancient traditions that make this holy place so famous worldwide.

From Kagbeni, we begin our journey into the restricted area of Upper Mustang -across Chele, Syangboche, Gyami, and Chayang and on to Lo Mantang, the capital of the Last Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal. Here we can witness the remains of the abolished monarchy on the ancient land of the remote local Tibetan population. We continue our spiritual journey from here as we return to Dhakmar and find the infamous old cave and one of the oldest Tibetan monasteries, ‘Lo Gekar’. Then finally, we end our trek in Jomsom and return to Pokhara, to rest in one of the most beautiful spots in the World before returning to the capital.

Best Time for Upper Mustang Trek

We recommend you enjoy this trek between June to October. Or, for the chance to experience the annual migration of the local people to lower altitudes for the winter season, we recommend you join us in November. My Everest Trip is a trusted trekking company in Nepal with a highly experienced team that will support you throughout your trek and help you with your permit.

So for more information about the cost or difficulty of the trek, then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team – who will also be happy to give you details of any of the other Annapurna treks we offer. You can also read our blog below for an insight into what it’s like to join us on this journey.

Your Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu        

Since MyEveryTrip Mustang Trek starts right from Kathmandu, you will not be in any dilemma when you land in Nepal. A driver with a private car will already be standing at the airport gate to receive you. From there, you will drive for about 30 minutes to the Hotel situated in Thamel. Once you are in the Hotel, you will be assisted by the guide in buying and renting some trekking gear for Trekking Upper Mustang Nepal. Then, you have a lot of time to roam around the street of Thamel before we join the screw for an explanatory season and welcome dinner. It’s time for celebration.

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing 

The day will begin with a tour of some of Kathmandu’s top attractions: Swayambhunath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, and Boudhanath, where you can explore ancient artefacts, architecture, and history. In the evening, you will meet your fellow trekkers and be given all the details you need for the trek the next day. O/N at the Hotel.

Day 3: Drive to Pokhara  

After breakfast in Kathmandu, it’s time to drive to our next destination. The beautiful city of lakes, Pokhara, is about 200 km and 8 hours of drive away from Kathmandu. The aim of the tourist vehicles along the bank of the Trishuli River with the views of lush green hills is always exciting. On the way, we stop at Many places for refreshments and lunch. If it’s not already late, we will enjoy boating in Phewa and visit the Tal Barahi temple when we reach Pokhara. In the evening, you can have a wonderful time in the colourful streets of Lakeside, enjoying the nightlife of Pokhara.

Or, you can take an early morning 25 minutes flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara to save some time exploring the beauty of Pokhara. Before driving towards Jomsom, you will have a whole day to shop and visit temples and caves.

Day 04: Fly to Jomsom and Trek to Kagbeni 

  • Altitude: 2,858m/9,375ft
  • Duration: 3-4 hours.

We start the Trekking Upper Mustang Nepal by flying to Jomsom, famous for its ample apple and apricot orchards. Firstly, a private car will pick us up at our Hotel in Pokhara. Then, we shall be driving to the Pokhara airport. From here, Jomsom is about 20 mins in flight. In just 20 minutes, you get to the semi-arid landscape of Jomsom, the headquarters of the Mustang district.

On arrival, we begin our trek on open trails, pass Eaklibatti village and arrive at Kagbeni, a beautiful town filled with flat-roofed houses and an old fortress. We shall visit the fort, suspension bridge, and monastery in Kagebeni.

Annapurna Circuit Trek
Annapurna Circuit Trek

Day 05: Trek to Chele 

  • Altitude: 3,050m
  • Duration: 5-6hrs

On the 5th day of the Upper Mustang Trek, we hike on a gravel trail alongside Kali Gandaki River before battling solid winds and tackling the steep hill to Tangbe Village.

Get mesmerized by narrow alleyways, flat houses, buckwheat fields, and apple-apricot orchards. Enjoying the views of the Kaligandaki river that flows along with us, we reach Chhusang village in about 2 hours of walking. We continue from here past more towns and rivers before reaching Chele.

In Chele, Tibetan culture is more prominent in the villages, making the perfect scenario for the Upper Mustang blog. O/N in Chele.

Day 06: Trek to Syangboche 

  • Altitude: 3,475m/11,398ft
  • Duration: 6-7hrs

The walk today involves crossing two passes, Taklam La Pass (3624m) and Dajori La Pass (3735m) – along with amazing views of the Tilicho Peak 7134m), Yaskawa Kang (6482m), Ramchung Cave, and Samar Village.

After walking past Samar village, we reach a ridge before descending to a stream to reach Syangboche. O/N in Syangboche.

Day 07: Trek to Ghaymi 

  • Altitude: 3,520m/11,546ft
  • Duration: 5-6hrs

We begin by ascending the Yamada La pass, passing teahouses and beautiful villages along the way. Following a trek through forests and barley fields, we will reach Nyi Pass and descend to Ghaymi – one of the biggest villages in the Lo region, where we can enjoy the fantastic landscape. O/N in Ghaymi.

Day 08:Trek to Charang 

  • Altitude: 3,500m/11,480ft
  • Duration: 4-5hrs

After descending through a rough, slippery trail, we cross a suspension bridge over the Ghaymi Khola and ascend along the route. On a relaxing day in our Upper Mustang Trek Nepal. Later we will cross the Tsarang La Pass and reach the Tsarang village, which lies in the Charang Chu canyon, with a vast fortress and red Gumba. O/N in Charang.

Day 09: Trek to Lo-Mangthang 

  • Altitude: 3,700m/12,136ft
  • Duration: 5-6hrs

The day begins by descending into a canyon, crossing a river, and moving uphill to Lo La pass. Then we fall to Lo Manthang, the walled capital of the former Kingdom of Lo, rich in Tibetan Buddhist culture. We will also enjoy views of the Himalayas – including Nilgiri (7061m), Tilicho (7134m), Annapurna I (8091m), and Bhrikuti Peak (6364m). O/N in Lo-Manthang.

Mustang Trek

Day 10: Explore Lo-Mangthang. 

Today we rest and adjust to the environment. We will spend the day exploring the three major Gumbas of Lo Manthang, Jhumpa, Thupchen, and Chhoeda, and view the Tibetan culture of Lo, considered the best preserved in the world due to its isolated terrain. We end the day with a trek to Tingkhar, a village on the northwest side. O/N in Mangthang.

Day 11: Trek to Drakmar 

  • Altitude: 3,810 m/12,500ft
  • Duration: 6-7hrs

Today we shall first pass through the Gyakar village, another outstanding settlement of Upper Mustang Nepal. This village contains ancient traditional houses and Ghar Gumba with attractive rock paintings. According to tradition, people who make a wish at the Gumba will have it come true. After exploring the Gumba, we continue to Drakmar. But before that, we must cross Dhi Pass at 4100m, among the final high pass we cross. O/N in Drakmar.

Day 12:Trek to Ghiling 

  • Altitude: 3,806m/12,484ft
  • Duration: 5-6hrs

We Start the 12th day of Upper Mustang Trekking by passing over the dry hills before Ghiling. The walk is relatively tricky due to strong winds, but the good views of Dhaulagiri (8167m) and the Nilgiri (7061m) mountains keep us relaxed. On the way, we can visit the Rangchyung Chorten, marked as the most sacred place in Mustang. We will enjoy exploring the village of Chilling in the evening. O/N in Ghiling.

Day 13:Trek to Chhuksang 

  • Altitude: 3,050m/10,004ft
  • Duration: 5-6hrs

On the way to Chhuksang, we can enjoy great views of the Himalayas and their small villages. We visit the Chungsi Cave monastery in the morning and then stop at Samar village for lunch. Then, as the sun starts to get dim, we walk down to Tetang and stop at the upper town of Shuksan. Beautifully placed between two hills, staying at Chhuksang gives you some escape from the fierce wind. O/N in Chhuksang

Day 14:Trek to Jomsom 

  • Altitude: 2,700m/8,856ft
  • Duration: 6-7hrs

Today will be the last day of our trek. After trekking for an hour, we finish our Mustang trail and join the tracks of the Annapurna Circuit. After a lunch stop and a break at Kagbeni, we continue our trek to Jomsom. Walking via the bank of the Kaligandaki river in the colourful landscape of the Mustang will be fun. We shall have an excellent hotel to stay in in Jomsom. There are also a few bars and restaurants for refreshments. O/N in Jomsom

Day 15: Fly back to Pokhara 

In the morning, we fly back to Pokhara, observing the impressive mountain range from the comfort of a plane. The flight is only 20mins long from Jomsom. We plan to visit Pokhara valley and rest well in the daytime. There are many places to visit in Pokhara, like Phewa, Caves, and Temples. We even enjoy boating in Phewa and immersing ourselves in the nighttime of Pokhara. O/N in Pokhara

Day 16: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu 

We will take a bus from Pokhara to Kathmandu, which will take about 8 hours. After a relaxing day in Pokhara, this is another exciting day of trekking in Pokhara. Upon reaching Kathmandu, enjoy the capital’s delights until your last night. We shall also gather for the farewell dinner by our team. O/N in Kathmandu

Day 17: Final Departure 

It’s the final day of Upper Mustang Nepal Trekking. Now, it’s time to bid farewell to the team and Nepal. Our driver takes you to the airport as per your schedule, and you are only left with beautiful memories of the trip.


Additional Info

Upper Mustang Trek Permit    


The government of Nepal has protected a few unique areas of Nepal that carry particular cultures and histories as a restricted region. The aim is not to control the overflow of trekkers in Mustang and thus prevent its culture and history. This means you need a special permit issued by the immigration department to get this permit. Immigration Departments in Kathmandu and Pokhara issue this permit when you submit an Itinerary approved by MyEverestTrip, the detail of your guide, and insurance. Also, you must be at least in a group of two people and hire a licensed guide. 


Along with a restricted area upper mustang permit, you will also need an ACAP permit and TIMS card. Ensure you issue all of these in Pokhara before leaving for the trek. Also, note that the Upper Mustang Trek permit for Indians and people of SAARC country is also the same, but the price is slightly lower. 

Background Image 2
Upper Mustang has features similar to the Tibetan Plateau, one of Nepal’s most popular trekking destinations.


Upper Mustang difficulty

The difficulty of Upper Mustang by travel experts of Nepal is rated “Moderate”. The somewhat levelled trail of the Upper Mustang is more accessible than other base camp trek, which is very steep and rocky. However, since it’s a long journey, i.e. with about 14 days of walking ( 6 to 7 hours each day), it can be demanding in some parts. The only rest day is at Lo-Manthang. As long as you don’t include crossing high passes such as Thorong La Pass, Mesokanto La pass, and Marang La, it’s quite an easy journey. This also increases the difficulty level of the Upper Mustang trek.


Also, the Upper Mustang height is smaller than the other higher altitudes. The highest points during this walk are Marang La which lies at 4230 meters, Chooser, at 3900m; and even Lo Manthang, at 3810m. 


Although this is not a very high altitude, you might develop symptoms such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, body ache, etc. Enough rest, acclimatization, and hydrating yourself help to prevent altitude sickness. 

The season also determines your difficulty level. Trekking in the heat of summer and snow during winter is hard. You can aim for the Autumn and Spring trek in Mustang for a comfortable journey. 


Upper Mustang Trek Cost

Upper Mustang Trek Cost by MyEverestTrip is $2050. This includes the cost of a guide, porter, transportation, permit, food, and accommodation. 

This 17 days journey will be the most beautiful memory of your life. 

Since this is the most beautiful trek in Nepal (even better than the Everest Base Camp trek, in some expect), the Upper Mustang trek price is also high. The high cost of a permit, off-road transportation route, and expensive accommodation for such a long journey make it quite expensive. However, the price is worth it. Along with 2050 dollars for the Mustang Trek package, you will need about $500 for tips, donations, and personal expenses. 


Best season to visit Mustang

The month of autumn receives the highest number of trekkers for Mustang. Similarly, due to festivals like Dashain and Tihar, Kathmandu and Mustang valley are also very vibrant. The views are evident, and the weather is favourable. 

In the same way, spring is also the best season for Upper Mustang Trekking. The colourful blooms of wildflowers, fresh alpine vegetation, stunning mountain views, and warm weather make spring a favourable month. 

Camping trek to Upper Mustang Trekking is easier when you pick the tour in stable weather. However, the guest houses in the Mustang Trekking route are over-occupied in spring and autumn. Make sure you book the stay in advance during favourable Upper Mustang weather. 

 Summer is also called the off-season for Nepal trekking; however, the rain doesn’t impact the trans-Himalayan region. All you need is a flexible Itinerary, a good pair of boots, and waterproof trekking great. A thick layer of snow covers every place above 3000m above sea level, and you will need a separate Upper Mustang Trek Itinerary in winter. The thick snow and a frozen lake are paradises for people who love winter. MyEverestTrek can make special arrangements for off-season Upper Mustang Trekking.  


Why US

MyEverestTrip is a Nepalese Travel and Trekking Agency based in Kathmandu. We have been operating in different trekking regions for more than a decade, traveling with hundreds of trekkers and travelers all around the world.

With the pure intention to bring trekkers to Nepal’s safety and comfort, we have an entire team of travel planer, guides, and porters. We also have connections to hotels and restaurant lines all over Nepal for ensuring that our trekkers get the best possible facilities.   

So, here is the reason why you should travel with MyEverestTrip.  

Customize your itinerary:

We have designed a well-planned Itinerary for all travel destinations around Nepal. However, this Itinerary is customizable as per the need and requests of our trekkers. Just let us know when and how long you are staying so that we can arrange the rest. 

Our Expert guide: 

Although all travel agency claims to have a good guide, many of them are not informed about the place you are traveling to. However, MyEverestTrip has its own licensed guide in Nepal. They have been working in this field for over three decades, collecting all the information about the place/ culture, and learning to keep the travelers safe. Also, our guide is good at the English language. Upon special request, we can even hire a guide who can speak Chinese and other European languages for trekking in Nepal.

Fair and reasonable Cost:

MyEverestTrip has been known for its very economic trek packages in Nepal. You can compare the price we offer with any other travel agency in Nepal and only book with us if you are satisfied with our cost. We try to include all needed expenses during the tour so that you will not be overwhelmed with hidden expenses after the packages are booked. 

Your safety is our priority:

Obviously, the safety of our trekkers and our team is the utmost priority of MyEverestTrip. Our guide and porters who shall accompany you for the trip will have insurance of their own. We also encourage Travel insurance for our trekkers. Our treks and trip have been so designed that you only walk an appropriate distance. In any case of emergency, you will always have our back.

Responsible and Eco-Friendly 

MyEverestTrip operates with the belief in responsible tourism. This includes 

  • We are transparent about the services covered on the trip. There shall be no hidden cost (informed in advance if there’s any)
  • We cover all the places that have been promised before the trek (the trend of skipping places once you book the package has to be discouraged). 
  • All our guides and porter are above 18yrs. We highly discourage child labor in the tourism industry
  • We do not leave any wastage behind on the trekking routes. We either dispose of the waste appropriately or carry them back with us and send it to the municipality
  • We do not engage in any activities that affect the people in the trek places of Nepal we stay.  


How to reach Upper Mustang?    

There are three ways to reach Upper Mustang, i.e. Trekking right from Jomsom, getting to Lo-Manthang on Jeep, or flying directly in a helicopter. Trekking from Jomsom, as given in the Upper Mustang Trek itinerary here, takes 17 days. Or, you can take a jeep on Upper Mustang Road, primarily off-road. It will be five days of the journey from Pokhara and back. Lastly, charter a helicopter that takes you to Upper Mustang directly from Kathmandu or Pokhara to Lo-Manthang. Trekking is the most popular option as you slowly enjoy your way to the upper Mustang.

What kind of Hotel do we stay at, Upper Mustang Trek?

It’s a tea house accommodation. In the lower region, i.e. up to Muktinath, we will stay in local lodges. The rooms only have two single beds, a mattress, pillows, and a clean white sheet. The bathroom might not be as clean as you expected. As you move above, the facility starts to get compromised, but the rooms are still comfortable. You will need your sleeping bag as the blanket provided in the tea house might not be enough.

What is the Upper Mustang Temperature Throughout the Year?

In Autumn, the daytime temperature gets beyond 15°C and is scorched. Nights in the mountains are pretty cold; about -2°C is experienced in Lo-Manthang. The Upper Mustang weather in winter is harsh as the temperature drops significantly, and December brings heavy snow. In winter, the daytime temperature falls below -10°C and gets as low as -18°C in January. As spring approaches, the Upper Mustang temperature increases. The snow melts only in March, and the temperature rises to about ten °C in May. The temperature in summer is about 25°C with few rainfall days.

Final words,

For more queries, please leave us a comment here or mail at [email protected]

MyEverestTrip has been operating in the Upper Mustang region for a decade. You will surely be in safe hands.

Safe Journey.

Equipment Checklist

  • Light and expedition weight thermal tops
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Fleece jacket or pullover
  • Sleeping bag rated to 0 degrees (3/4 season)
  • Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket (optional)
  • Head lamp (eg Petzl) spare bulbs & batteries
  • Lightweight thermal gloves
  • Small padlock to lock trek bag
  • Underwear (4)
  • Basic First Aid Kit (see First Aid Medicine below)
  • Waterproof shell jacket (preferably breathable fabric)
  • Plastic bags – for keeping items dry inside trek bag
  • Shorts (2)
  • Daypack (35-40 litres/2500-3000 cubic inches)
  • Lightweight cotton long trousers/pants
  • Camping mattress, eg thermarest pad
  • Light and expedition weight thermal bottoms
  • Water bottles (2)
  • Sun hat or scarf
  • Toiletries
  • Warm fleece hat or light balaclava
  • Small wash towel
  • T-shirts (2)
  • Footwear appropriate to the trip
  • Thin, lightweight (inner socks) (4)
  • Waterproof shell trousers/pants (preferably breathable fabric)


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What's included

  • Airport/hotel pick up and drop off by private car.
  • At least two nights 3-star hotel in Kathmandu bed and Breakfast plan
  • Meals on the entire board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the whole trekking
  • Kathmandu Pokhara by the drive and Pokhara – Jomsom –  Pokhara By flight back and back to Kathmandu up to your request
  • An experienced Government license holder guide
  • Trekking porter/Sherpa who will carry your bags during the trekking
  • Insurance, salary, equipment, transportation, local tax for guide and porter
  • Group medical supplies (first aid kit will be available)
  • All necessary paper works and national park permits
  • Travel and rescue arrangement
  • TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System)

What's not included

  • Meals in Kathmandu before and after trekking
  • Your travel insurance ( Rescue )
  • Nepal entry visa fee.
  • Tips for trekking staff and driver
  • Drinks (hot, cold, and alcoholic)
  • Personal shopping and laundry etc
  • Personal trekking equipment

Choose a Private Trip

If you already know who you would like to take your adventure with and would prefer to enjoy your ‘My Everest Trip’ experience with your own group of friends, then we’ve got good news! All of our trips are also available as private adventures! Our private adventure specialists are on hand to give you a quote or talk you through some of the different options that we offer.
So feel free to give us a call on +977 9851069558 or Email us at [email protected]


If you have already travelled with us and want to share your story and experiences to the world please send us your experiences by cliking the button below:

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These reviews are from the travellers who have travelled with us previously.

Christan and Lisa   Germany

Upper Mustang Trek

Me and my wife decided to trek the Upper Mustang and luckily we chose  My Everest  Trip. We had a wonderful experience trekking in Upper Mustang. When we landed in TIA, we were welcomed by hari. He was very easy and responsive to work with us. He explained all the queries we had and gave a brief description of the tour. As we were watching his last mustang trek videos and reading blogs about Upper Mustang.  

We had a lot of expectations about the place and the trekking agency we were working with them. We had a private 18-day tour with a whole trip package, a porter guide, and everything that we needed on a trip. And to be honest, we found everything beyond our expectations. The hills, mountains, and monasteries were all amazing, especially Lo Manthang is a great place to visit. Our guide was also equally supportive and friendly. The team made our trek more enjoyable. While writing this, it reminded me of the days we had on the trails. Thank You again for the wonderful experience. Best wishes to Christan and Lisa  We will definitely love to return and probably do the Everest base camp Trek or Dolpo next time.  

Martina Gehrmann Germany

Best Trip Forever in My Life

It has been my dream to visit mustang for the past few years, which is half of my life; when we were in Kathmandu, we met our trekking company (My Everest Trip) though, and we Book was lucky cause when we met puru manager of My Everest Trip, He is asking few questions for us, and we feel safer. We felt happier about how he worked through the rest of the trip while staying on schedule. He managed to get the flight to Jomsom, and we drove to kagbeni cause from Jomsom to kagebeni, there is traffic also. We started our trek with puru, the best guide ever, not the only manager; when he began briefing all the people looking for us and hearing about how he worked then, we felt more satisfied than we expected. Still, he also ensured we always had enough to eat and drink and cared for everything we needed support from him. We always got good and felt more comfortable in rooms, which was essential to me as a female traveller.

We took a great route to Lo Manthang cause he knew very well which path was best. I got an old monastery and a good landscape with the mountain route; some people don’t know how to go this way, and one of the highlights of my trip was horseback riding in Lo Manthang. We have been to so many places in woman’s thang. There are so many friendly day trips. After this, we went back to Jomsom and took a flight back to Kathmandu; when we got back to Kathmandu, we decided next year we go to Dolpo, and we already told him we needed you to guide us on this trip also; we recommended to him and his company (My Everest Trip ) forever when we meet our friend and family who want to visit Nepal and make adventure trip.


Uli Ernst Germany

Nice Trek in Upper Mustang

This trek offers everything that trekking is about. Challenging trails, sometimes rough weather conditions, spectacular views, and all the cultural treasures you meet along the route.

We were a group of four accompanied by our guide Ratna and two porters. I am grateful for the way the agency handled this trek. I do not doubt that they hire only the best people. As first-time visitors to Nepal, all the staff was accommodating and ensured we had the best trek.

We have been trekking on different continents over the last few years, but the people of Nepal are the friendliest we have ever come across.

We will most likely return and do another trek with y Everest Trip.

Maria Austria

Enchanting Trek in Upper Mustang

I’m very proud of myself for doing this trek. But to be honest, I could not have done this without the tremendous assistance offered to me by the professional team from My Everest Trip.     

This enchanting trek was hard work but monitored by my guide Hari; it was not a problem. The team planned everything the best way, and I enjoyed every moment. Hari was good company, sharing his incredible knowledge about the area and sound advice about how to walk cleverly, choose a good pace and take rests.  

I recommend this trek operated by My Everest Trip, knowing they will get out of their way to keep their clients happy.

Robin Australia

Best Trip in My Life

Being an experienced trekker I have been hiking many continents, but the Upper Mustang is so far one of my favorites. Not only because of the immense beauty of this region but also because My Everest trip added so much to the trip. Our Guide Hari and our porters were very nice people to be around making our days joyful, always making sure we were good.

I recommend if you have time to do the long treks to get the best experience and feeling of being part of nature. This trek is very nice balanced as we walk no more than 7 hours per day. This gives you time to enjoy all the magnificent views and be well-rested for the next day. And I must say, the Himalayas and The Upper Mustang region are in a special league.

I will definitely consider traveling to Nepal again, and I will not hesitate to contact Puru for arranging another trek. Hope to see all of you good people at My Everest Trip again.

Teresa Australia

My Everest Trip did amazing job

I recently did the Upper Mustang Trek with a group of friends. This was such a great adventure I feel the urge to write a good review for other adventurous people to benefit from

When you spend your hard-earned money, you want value for it, and My Everest Trip (MET) lived up to all my expectations and beyond. MET was recommended to me by my family. My first contact with the company occurred several months before our planned trip. If you are inexperienced in trekking, you have so many questions about equipment, guides, porters, how challenging the trek is, etc. Corresponding with Puru made me relax more and more as he responded very quickly to all my emails. I soon realized I had nothing to worry about. He only works with certified guides, and everybody who works for him is ensured. He also gave good advice on equipment, what you should bring from home and what you can buy cheaper in Nepal. His directions about how to get smoothly through all the airport procedures also came in handy.

Upon arrival In Kathmandu, Puru picked us up at the airport and took us to our hotel in Thamel. The next day we met Hari, our guide, and we had all the final details about the trek and how to pack our backpack and day pack.

Upper Mustang was great. MET are so well organized. Hari and the friendly porters were great company, Hari in particular always making sure we were OK and sharing his broad knowledge about the region. The porters, though carrying heavy weight, were always friendly and smiling. When you do strenuous walking, it’s nice to be surrounded by good people to support and cheer you up, knowing that every night you have suitable accommodation and good healthy food that gives you the strength to carry on.

The Upper Mustang Trek is loaded with cultural treasures and the indescribable beauty of nature; having an experienced guide is essential, especially when he, like Hari, shares all his knowledge willingly and with great pleasure and pride.

I understand why MET has such loyal clients. They are true to Nepalese tradition and have a great network of skilled people, but they (very importantly) understand that their clients come from all parts of the world with different backgrounds and expectations. All the team members are humble and polite yet proud of what they do. Trekking runs in their blood, and this is precisely what you need to be a guest here.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you, Puru and MET; my friends and I will treasure this trek for the rest of our lives.

And I give My Everest Trip the highest recommendation possible…. Namaste


Package Summary

Package Includes:
Package Price USD $2050

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12 Jun,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
14 Jun,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
19 Jun,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
21 Jun,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
26 Jun,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
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7 Aug,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
14 Aug,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
21 Aug,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
28 Aug,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
4 Sep,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
5 Sep,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
7 Sep,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
11 Sep,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
12 Sep,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
14 Sep,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
18 Sep,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
19 Sep,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
21 Sep,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
25 Sep,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
26 Sep,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
28 Sep,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
2 Oct,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
3 Oct,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
5 Oct,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
9 Oct,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
10 Oct,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
16 Oct,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
17 Oct,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
23 Oct,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
24 Oct,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
30 Oct,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
31 Oct,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
6 Nov,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
7 Nov,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
13 Nov,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
14 Nov,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
20 Nov,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
21 Nov,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
27 Nov,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
28 Nov,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
4 Dec,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
5 Dec,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
11 Dec,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
12 Dec,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
18 Dec,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
19 Dec,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
25 Dec,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
26 Dec,2023 Days Booking Open$2,050
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FAQs for Trekking in Nepal

If you’re planning to go trekking in Nepal, here are some frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your adventure.

When is the best time to go trekking in Nepal?

The best time to go trekking in Nepal is between September to November and March to May, when the weather is clear, and the sky is blue. The monsoon season from June to August is the least ideal time due to heavy rainfall and the possibility of landslides.

Is trekking in Nepal difficult?

The level of difficulty varies depending on which trek you choose, but trekking in Nepal can be physically demanding and mentally challenging. It’s essential to do proper training and select a route that matches your skill level. Trekking at higher altitudes may lead to altitude sickness, so it’s crucial to acclimatize properly and take precautions.

How safe is trekking in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal is a safe adventure if you take proper precautions and follow safety guidelines. Some treks are safe to do without a guide, but it’s recommended to have experienced guides, especially for high-altitude treks above 4,000 meters. Health hazards like altitude and weather changes can make trekking dangerous, but following safety procedures can minimize the risks.

Can I trek in Nepal without a guide?

It’s possible to trek in Nepal without a guide, but it’s recommended to hire a guide or porter, especially if you are a first-time trekker. The guide can help you navigate the trails, communicate with locals, and assist you with any emergencies that may arise during your trek. They provide valuable insights into local culture, customs, and even help carry your belongings.

Hopefully, these FAQs have provided some clarity and helped you plan your trekking adventure in Nepal with more confidence.

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