What to know Before Trekking in Nepal

What to know Before Trekking in Nepal

For decades Nepal has attracted adventure seekers from all over the world. Besides the Himalayas, crowned by Mt. Everest, Nepal also has deep cultural roots and the locals are known as some of the friendliest people in the world. 

Nepal is a trekkers’ Paradise. A great variety of treks in all parts of the country gives everybody the opportunity to experience the delight of trekking according to age, physical shape, and length of your visit.

How to choose a trek  

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When you choose a trek there are several things you need to consider

1. Physical shape:

You must always be aware to choose a trek that matches how fit you are. Your physical shape is crucial to ensure you have the best trekking experience. The more experienced trekker you are the easier, however, less experienced trekkers need a company they can trust to guide and give good advice on which physical shape is required for the trek.

2. Season of the year:

The best season for trekking is March, April, and May (spring season) and September, October, and November (autumn season). However, many treks are perfectly doable outside these months. Consult the trekking company if you go outside the season for good advice

3. How many days do you have?

The infrastructure in Nepal can from time to time be problematic. Flights can be canceled due to bad weather or there can be traffic jams on busy roads. This can cause delays in transportation and if you are on a tight time schedule this can, in the worst case, mean you miss your flight home. We recommend you plan for the trek at the beginning of your stay and add some days after the trek. 

4. What is your budget?

Most people have a budget they want to stick to, so when you choose a trek and start comparing prices it’s important you read the Itinerary and the “what’s included” very carefully. A trek that appears cheap compared to others may have hidden costs. Paying for your food can give some unpleasant surprises and the same goes for transportation to your trekking destination. Less responsible companies may also cut out the acclimatization days, which means, they can cut down the number of days and therefore the costs. Leaving out the acclimatization days can have a fatal outcome

Why choose My Everest Trip?

My Everest Trip is a well-founded company and has been operating for more than a decade. Our goal is not to be the biggest but to be the best. We take pride in giving personal service to make all our clients feel like special guests. Many years of experience in the trekking business have provided us with contacts in all regions of Nepal. All our guides are certified and handpicked and we use only ensured porters.

Bigger isn’t always better

Choosing a trekking agency you trust can be hard work. When you start searching the internet the biggest company always appears at the top of the list because they have the financial benefits to do advertising. These companies however often set their prices quite high and may have the character of “trekking factories”

You can benefit from price and service by choosing a smaller company. The smaller company often give more personal service because they do fewer fixed departures and will customize the trek due to your personal wishes.

Always remember to check the website carefully

Terms and conditions

Make sure there is a policy in case your trip is canceled.

About us:

Here you can find information about the character of the company and the staff. How many years the company has existed, the qualification of the staff, etc.

Price and booking:

The website should be clear about the prices before you start booking. The price should never be hidden and appear after you fill out a long booking form.


Always contact the company before you start booking. This will give you good information about the character of the company. Do they respond quickly? Is it easy to communicate? Do they actually answer your questions or give a mechanical answer? (Keep in mind though there might be a big-time difference between your country and Nepal) 

What’s included? 

Read through this part very carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises. If any doubt, do not hesitate to contact the company for further information.

We have a good reputation among our guests and many have returned repeatedly to trek with us.