Why My Everest Trip

Why My Everest Trip

My Everest Trip continues to thrive because of the wonderful visitors that we have every year. Worldwide trekkers, mountaineers, and adventurous tour lovers have continuously found reasons to trek with our My Everest Trip Group. So from our expert team to our unique tours, read about some of the top reasons why we have remained one of the most popular tour companies in Kathmandu, and why you should come and join us for your next adventure.

1. Vast Experience in the Industry:

This is one of the main reasons why people approach us when they go traveling and touring in Nepal. We have vast experience and excellent records of accomplishments in the industry across our team, ensuring that we can help to make your visit to the country of Nepal safe, secure, and enjoyable.

2. Customers Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction in our delivered trekking and trail solutions is our biggest achievement. Based on this reputation, large numbers of people seek services from us whenever they come back to Nepal for a return visit, and recommend us to their friends and relatives.

3. Safety is our Top Priority:

Without a doubt – safety is our top priority. My Everest Trip comprises some of the best peak climbing, biking, rafting, and trekking guides in the industry, who not only provide professional services to trekkers but also deal expertly with emergencies. We have always maintained an impeccable reputation with travelers because of our ability to help a person overcome any trouble – no matter how big – in the least possible time. When recruiting we look for a good attitude, sound knowledge of the respective area, and vast experience in adventure-based travel. Thus you can trust that our guides have exemplary training and come with the ability to deliver support to people whenever they visit remote areas of any of the countries where we provide our tours.

4. Professional, Friendly, and Helpful Staff:

Our team has a large number of friendly, professional, and helpful staff on hand to take care of tourists from the moment they arrive, up until the minute they depart. We will provide you with any necessary help – no matter what the problem, from miss-placed luggage on your arrival to medical services based on your personal needs. We’re also here to provide local knowledge to make your whole trip enjoyable – not just your trek. So whether you need advice about finding the right restaurant, what to pack, where to change money, or where to find the best nightspots – we’ve got you covered!