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Until now, worldwide trekkers, mountaineers and adventurous tour lovers have found many reasons to trek with our My Everest Trip Group. These include:

Vast Experience in the Industry

This is one of the strong reasons, for which most of the people approach us while they go for traveling and touring in Nepal. We have vast experience and excellent records of accomplishments in the industry to help you in making your visit to the country of Nepal in secured, safe and in enjoyable manner.

Delivers Satisfaction to Our Customers

Customer satisfaction in our delivered trekking and trail solutions is obviously the biggest achievement for us. Based on this, large numbers of people seek services from us whenever they visit Nepal for second time and recommend us to their friends and relatives to be the trekking guide.

Safety is the Top Priority for Us

We always keep safety at the top priority. We always intended to do everything or put every possible effort to retain safety of your trip. Our My Everest Trip comprises of few of the best peak climbing, biking, rafting and trekking guides, who not only provide professional services to trekkers, but also deal with emergencies tactfully. We always have remained in good books of travelers because of our ability to overcome a person from trouble in less possible time. We look for good attitude, sound knowledge of respective area and vast experience in adventure-based travel while selecting our employees. These people possess good trainings and come with adequate ability to deliver support to people whenever they visit remote areas of any country.

Professional, Friendly and Helpful Staffs

Our team has large numbers of friendly, professional and helpful staffs to take care of tourists from the time they arrive to up to their departure that too traditional Nepalese or Tibetan style. We will provide you with necessary help in case of facing problem with miss-placed baggage/luggage on your arrival, shipping of your goods, finding of restaurants and medical services based on your own needs.

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Great Value for Your Money

My Everest Trip offers competitive pricing for world class experiences. We’re able to do so given our deep connections with and commitment to hiring local porters, guides, and operators – significantly reducing our rates without compromising quality. We also operate through an extensive network of partners, who handle various aspects of our logistics – enabling affordable, reliable end-to-end services.

Fixed and Customized Group and Individual Adventure

Whether you’re travelling solo or with a group, we offer adventures for all sizes. Our team will work with you to customize from scratch or modify one of our existing packages, as desired. We provide full-service equipment rentals, as needed, so you can rest assured you’ll have the gear you need for trip you want.

Excellent Customer Service

Ahead of your trip our team will work with you through your channel of choice (email, phone, Skype) to arrange your details. We’ll ensure you have the appropriate read-ahead guidance, checklists, and we’ll triple check with you to ensure you’re prepared to fully enjoy the experience. If you’re trekking, we’ll monitor progress with your guides with staff available 24/7 to ensure your logistic, health, and safety needs are fully supported.